Apukka Aurora Cabin Exterior

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Finland | 66.57┬░North
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Apukka Aurora Cabin Interior Northern Lights
Apukka Aurora Cabins Northern Lights
Apukka Aurora Wagon
Apukka Aurora Cabin Exterior
Apukka Ice Cabin
Aurora Cabins

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"A warm-hearted place where each guest is welcomed as a dear friend."

Ann Kathrin Lundqvist | Arctic Bath Designer & Co-owner

"Unique in so many ways, we love that this property has been constructed using only sustainable materials. Even the land cabins are elevated on stilts so the natural environment below them is not disturbed"

Emma Durkin | Founder | Where The Wild Is

Apukka on the map

Apukka | Rovaniemi | Finnish Lapland

Our Finland team can't wait to help you plan your stay at the Apukka in Finnish Lapland