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Mary-Ann's Polarrigg

Svalbard | 78.22°North
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78° north on the island of Spitsbergen has never felt this comfortable. Welcome to Mary-Ann's Polarrigg—a miners’ barracks-turned-hotel that brings a whole lot of love to luxe living. Conceived in 1999 and run by owner Mary-Ann Dahle ever since, this hotel oozes care—from handpicked decor items to its whimsical Polar Night Suite.

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Four buildings make up this quirky gem in the rough, each offering its own element of charm as inspired by old coal mines that one made up this area. Gruveriggen, the hotel’s main drag, offers standard single and double rooms with shared bathrooms for those seeking privacy on a budget. Be sure to stop by the TV room and guest kitchen on your way to or from your adventures.

For those seeking quiet luxury, the hotel’s Luxusriggen (translation: luxury rig) features nine fully independent rooms, each uniquely decorated. The Transport Rig, or Transportriggen, elevates the hotel to new heights of excitement with a games room featuring a bar, pool and foosball tables, dartboard, and full spa.

Leave the world behind in one of the hotel’s private cabins, where families and friends can gather in apartment-style dwellings. Tucked entirely within a glass enclosure, the hotel’s restaurant, Vinterhagen, prioritises locally sourced produce, personalised service, and of course spectacular views.

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Mary-Ann's Polarrigg | Longyearbyen | Svalbard

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