Our philosophy

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Seeing the wildest places on earth with your own eyes can be life changing. Breathing the coldest, freshest air on the planet, feeling seldom trodden earth beneath your feet, looking up at the vastest, starriest skies you’ve ever known – all of these things make travel addictive.

But travelling the world has a cost - an unavoidable environmental impact. That’s why at Where The Wild Is we only offer journeys built around conscious choices and carefully considered decisions. We do everything we can to minimise harm by following three simple principles:


Consider every detail

Even the smallest choices can have a big impact. We carefully consider every aspect of the journeys we offer, from minimising paperwork when you book to recommending eco friendly car hire on your travels. When you arrive at your Arctic destination, we’ll even make sure there’s a cup of eco friendly tea waiting for you, made with 100% plastic free, 100% natural and 100% compostable Bird & Blend tea bags.

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Choose Like-minded Friends

Behind every Where The Wild Is destination, excursion or experience is a host who shares our ambition to balance tourism with environmental protection. Sometimes, these are people who have escaped the rat race to live a simpler life, at one with nature and their surroundings. Sometimes, they are the latest of many generations who have forged a living from the land. In every case, they welcome visitors to their homes and their communities with open arms.

We’re particularly proud to support the work of Zing Ocean Conservancy, and offer special itineraries where travellers can take part in the Arctic Cleanup project, clearing harmful marine debris from Norway’s beautiful fjords. 

Environmentally Concious

Support Green Innovation

The environmental changes and challenges affecting the Arctic are inspiring innovative thinking, like Brim Explorer.  The world’s first noise-free, emissions-free cruise ship is a hybrid electric vessel that sails silently to let travellers get closer to nature, with minimal impact.

Where The Wild Is will be delighted to tell you more about this, and the other eco conscious experiences and innovations being developed to help protect our natural world.