Lyngen Lodge with a view of the mountains, Norway
View of Lyngen Lodge in the summer, Norway

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Lyngen Lodge

Norway | 69.73°North
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Surrounded by remote wilderness and epic views of the Lyngen Alps, matched with cosy home comforts and world-class food, Lyngen Lodge is a luxury haven for your wild adventure. Experience Norway’s natural beauty with hiking and yoga during the Arctic summer, or ski down snow-capped mountains during the magical wintertime.

Light filled Double room at Lyngen Lodge, Norway
Open living area view of Lyngen Lodge, Norway
Summer view of Lyngen Lodge against the mountains, Norway
Shoes at Lyngen Lodge, Norway
Cosy bedroom at Lyngen Lodge in Norway
Lyngen Lodge with a view of the mountains, Norway
Lyngen Lodge under the Northern Lights, Norway

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One step into Lyngen Lodge is a step into the heart of the community. You’ll follow Norwegian tradition by leaving your shoes at the door and replacing them with hand-made slippers using wool from local sheep.

Situated within the Norwegian wilderness, wake to views of the Lyngen Alps whilst you’re tucked away inside this stunning boutique lodge. 

Dusted with fresh powder each winter, the Lyngen Alps create an idyllic setting for winter sports and a paradise for skiers seeking adventure. Beyond winter, hiking and yoga retreats will reconnect you with nature underneath a sun that barely sets during an Arctic summer.

Enjoy world-class cuisine using the finest ingredients from the neighbouring countryside and fish sourced from the Lyngen Fjord. Never without comforts, it’s one of the few lodges in Norway with a constant stock of English Breakfast tea, creating a home away from home.

Relax with high quality service delivered by dedicated staff who understand the importance of hygge.

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