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Aurora Village

Finland | 68.65°North
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If sparkling white snow, pure Arctic air, and local reindeer wandering past your doorstep don’t take your breath away, the views as you relax on your Aurora cabin bed, deep in wild Finnish Lapland, certainly will. Aurora Village, located high above the Arctic Circle, is one of the very best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. 

Aerial view at Aurora Village, Finnish Lapland
Aurora cabin under the northern lights at Aurora Village, Finnish Lapland
Northern lights in the winter at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland
Restaurant at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland
Northern lights swirling above a glass igloo at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland
Aerial view of an aurora cabin in the snowy wilderness at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland
The cosy bed and view into the snowy wilderness from a cabin at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland

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Tucked away in the far north of Finland, 28 beautiful half-glassed cabins sit in their own generous space amongst the woods at this elegant and secluded retreat. Warm, cosy and impressively well equipped, the cabins’ laser-heated glass roofs guarantee a clear view of the sky and all from the comfort of your very own bed.

Far away from city lights and traffic, you can be at one with nature, inside and out. Watch in wonder as the northern lights tumble and dance, then fall gently asleep under the stars and frost jewelled trees.  

In the morning, pull on your snowshoes (provided) for a short stroll through the forest for breakfast, before planning your day’s activities. Every day at 10am, you can join locals as they feed the village reindeer. Look out for elk, red fox, white rabbit and white willow grouse in the forest too. They’re more than happy to share their place in the world with you.

Aurora village on the map

Aurora Village | Inari | Finnish Lapland

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