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A herd of reindeer on a snowy hillside in Swedish Lapland in winter

Northern Lights over Abisko National Park. Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Northern lights over Abisko National Park in Sweden

Sweden Holidays

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Looks are everything in stylish Sweden, where natural beauty inspires architecture, fashion and design. Rocky coastlines, sparkling lakes and swathes of untouched forest set the scene for offbeat boutique hotels of world-class calibre, while proximity between town and country means urban adventures can easily be combined with wilderness breaks.

Sweden Holidays

Becoming a country famed for its exciting places to sleep, Sweden is home to Icehotel, Treehotel and the brand new Arctic Bath. Below are some of our favourite Sweden holiday ideas for inspiration.

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Enveloped by forests where moose and reindeer graze, some of Swedish Lapland’s best hotels are destinations in their own rights. Spend the night in a masterpiece suspended between trees, enjoy a sauna on a floating platform encased by birch twigs, or snuggle into a seasonal frozen palace sculpted entirely from ice.

Wherever you go, attention is always focused on nature: in summer, kayak safaris are complemented by campfires and wild swims, while winters are perfect for husky rides, cross-country skiing and skating across thick ice. Aurora expeditions form part of much broader adventures, including immersion in local Sami culture with evenings spent in a traditional lavvu.

Even cosmopolitan cities are intrinsically linked to the outdoors. Gothenburg and Stockholm occupy their own archipelagos, with pretty summer cottages decorating islands fringed by beaches and woven with hiking trails. Like their neighbours, Swedes practise ‘allemansrätten’ (or Everyman’s Right), meaning the environment is open for everyone to explore.

Sweden Map


Where reindeer roam free and northern lights dance above snow cloaked forests, Lapland is a region like no other.

Snowshoeing at Arctic Snow hotel in winter


Where UNESCO World Heritage sites and mountain lined coastal paths meet medieval towns and wildlife in abundance.

River landscape in Jamtland & The Bothnian Coast


Sweden's stylish capital offers an abundance of city based adventures and a peaceful archipelago awaits just a stone's throw away.

A view of Stockholm's old city, Sweden


Where Vikings once roamed and relics remain, look beyond city walls and cobbled streets to find natural coastal tranquility.

Visby city walls in Gotland & East Sweden


A bustling cultural hub meets shoreside serenity on the coast that has it all. Explore tiny fishing villages and ancient lakes from Bohuslän to Gothenburg.


Where sweeping plateaus form the backdrop for spa escapes, eco innovation and exquisite cuisine, travel south to discover a Swedish holiday favourite.

Aerial view of Southern Sweden

Reindeers pulling sleds by Staffan Widstrand for imagebank.sweden.se

Reindeers pulling sleds by Staffan Widstrand for imagebank.sweden.se

Reindeers pulling sleds across a snowy plain at Sami Lapland

Lapland & The Far North

Welcome to the Arctic region of Sweden, where adventure reigns in endless forest, against a dramatic backdrop of mountains and coastlines. Massive in area, Lapland boasts some of the world’s best views of the Northern Lights from October to March, or choose to travel in summer under the everlasting light of the midnight sun. This untouched slice of Sweden, where lynx, elk and wolverine roam free, is home to some of the world's most famous places to stay, including the original and very elaborate Icehotel.

A rowing boat near Jämtland and The Bothnian Coast in Sweden in summer

Jämtland & The Bothnian Coast

Bordering the Gulf of Bothnia is a slice of Sweden’s east coast, a dramatic coastline marked by historic towns that tell forgotten stories from the 18th century. Wander along the coast and you’ll find laid-back towns like Luleå and preserved church towns whose storied wooden cottages conjure scenes from times long past. Venture farther northward along Höga Kusten, where villages give way to raw vegetation, fjords, beaches, and an otherworldly countryside that makes for some incredible summer mountain biking.

Red houses on the river bank in Sweden in summer

Stockholm & Central Sweden

Enchanted at heart by the splendor of traditionally Swedish forests, lakes, ski resorts and log cabins, the country’s central region brings to life Sweden’s idyllic character. Home to Stockholm, the country’s beloved capital with 14 islands and more than 50 bridges, Central Sweden is incredibly diverse in its terrain. Beyond the capital, the region boasts Inlandsbanan, arguably the best railway in Europe, and the meteor-created Siljan Lake. With no shortage of farmsteads, rust-coloured timber cottages, festivals, and wildlife, Central Sweden is fit for both rustic wanderers and urbanites.

A narrow alley in a town in Southeast Sweden

Gotland & East Sweden

From medieval castles to coastlines, forests and islands, Sweden’s southeast region offers a step back in time. Encompassing a large swath of the country, this region is often referred to as Sweden’s forgotten gem of the south. Home to the historic fortress town of Kalmar, along with Uppsala – one of Sweden’s oldest cities, the region has an array of uniquities to offer. Numerous glass factories and the charmed island destination of Gotland are just some of the gems of the region, gifting visitors a wide range of experiences whether you’re looking to party, for a bit of R&R, or deep exploration along uncharted terrain.

A glass cabin perched on the water's edge in Southwest Sweden during summer

Gothenburg & West Sweden

The Southwest is noted as the historic frontier of the Swedish-Danish conflict. It's where you'll find endless sandy bays, vibrant nightlife and gently rolling landscapes. From the medieval town of Varberg, home to a 13th-century fortress, to Gothenburg's neogothic architecture, the region exudes a distinctly bohemian vibe. For those needing to wind down, The 72 Hour Cabin offers a wellness retreat like no other. Get in touch to find out about these luxury glass rooms located on the shores of Lake Iväg.

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A blooming canola flower field in South Sweden in summer

Southern Sweden

With a feel like an entirely different country, Sweden’s southern region spans kaleidoscopic canola fields, rugged coastlines, vast archipelagos, and pristine urban centres. A place for architecture lovers and a necessary destination for those keen on expanding their notion of the expected. Home to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city studded with Dutch-Renaissance buildings and a picturesque Old Town, Sweden’s southern region may be at the edge of the country, but will hold a central place in the hearts of all who visit.

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Highlights of Sweden

View of the Mariaberget skyline at dusk in Sweden's capital city Stockholm

Stockholm City Breaks

Stockholm’s lure lies partly in the feeling one gets while there—that it isn’t all that urban, yet boasts some of Europe’s most distinctive cultural gems. Scattered throughout a series of islands between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea, the city beautifully blends the historic and modern with land and sea. Whether escaping to its world-class museums and galleries, medieval jungle of cobbled streets, or wooden houseboats, the capital's diversity will capture the heart of any traveller.

The island of Donsö, Gothenburg Archipelago, West Sweden

Gothenburg & the Archipelago

From the cobbled streets of the Haga District to the winding canals running beside retro tram lines, and historic architecture enveloped in a vast nature reserve, the sprawling metropolis of Gothenburg is the perfect portal into West Sweden's vibrant diversity. Experience 'Lagom' and 'Fika' before sailing out to the car-free islands that comprise Gothenburg's breathtaking archipelago scattered across the sea. 

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A traditional Swedish Fika of coffee and baked goods laid out on a table

Swedish Fika

Swedes know how to relax. Incorporated into daily life is the famed Fika, the almighty coffee break. Not to be confused with the grab-and-go coffee culture that permeates much of the Western world, Fika is a chance to slow down and appreciate life’s goodness. Coffee is always involved, and baked goods never fail to make an appearance. Alingsås in West Sweden, has been coined the capital of Fika. Here, guided tours tell the story behind the town’s café culture and Sweden’s love affair with coffee.

Fika is a chance to slow down and appreciate life’s goodness. Coffee is always involved, and baked goods never fail to make an appearance

The Northern Lights over the forest in Sweden in winter

Northern Lights In Sweden

September begins a dazzling show of skyward light in Sweden, and it’s one that lasts throughout winter. One of the world’s best countries on earth for Northern Lights spotting, Sweden is home to the mystical “auroral zone,” which is a ring of light emissions that sits 2-3,000 kilometres beneath the globe’s magnetic pole. Translation: prepare yourself to be awed by a kaleidoscopic show of light. The farther northward you venture, the brighter the aurora becomes due to pristine air quality and distance from cities.

The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park near Reykjavik in Sweden

The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko

Northern lights enthusiasts ought to prepare themselves for what’s been termed the greatest place on earth to experience the Aurora Borealis. Poised in the centre of the auroral zone, in Abisko National Park, visitors to the Sky Station are greeted by either a chairlift above the stunning mountain scenery or a midnight sun hike, depending on the season. At the top an outside terrace and lookout tower provide incredible views, whilst inside an aurora exhibition and a café selling hot drinks and souvenirs awaits. 

Wonderful places to stay in Sweden

Lapland Guesthouse in winter, Swedish Lapland

Lapland Guesthouse

Stay with Johan and Eva and learn about their beautiful collection of brightly coloured Swedish houses in the tiny Swedish village of Kangos, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Kangos, Swedish Lapland

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Luxury lodges near Abisko in Swedish Lapland

Bjorkliden Luxury Lodges

Rustic yet chic, an alpine aesthetic touches every detail of these lodges—from the earthy tones of furniture to wooden walls decked in Scandinavian décor and cutting-edge technology that blends traditional and modern.

Bjorkliden, Swedish Lapland

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Sapmi Nature Camp in Winter

Sapmi Nature Camp

Meet Lennart Pittja and learn about a sustainable way of life, whilst sleeping in a luxury lavuu tent in a beautiful area of wilderness, set on reindeer grazing land.

Gallivare, Swedish Lapland

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Sauna Float in Swedish Lapland

Sauna Float

A unique wooden island located in a secluded bay of a large lake in the Rane River Valley. Adventures on water take centre stage here, so dive in and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of busy life.

Rane River Valley, Swedish Lapland

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An ice room at the world famous Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland


Sleep in frozen artworks reimagined every year at the world's most elaborate hotel. Created each year by a team of artists from around the globe, this Arctic masterpiece must be seen to be believed.

Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland

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Pine Bay Lodge in Swedish Lapland in winter

Pine Bay Lodge

Genuine, small-scale and family-run, Pine Bay Lodge has a strong reputation for offering guests adventure and an intimate encounter with the Arctic lifestyle. 

Luleå, Swedish Lapland

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Arctic Bath Spa, Sweden

Arctic Bath

Swedish design at its most spectacular. This extraordinary floating spa hotel is attracting visitors seeking rest and relaxation from every corner of the globe.

Harads, Swedish Lapland

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External view of Kajkanten boathouse on Vrango in the Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden


Settle into natural serenity at Kajkanten, luxury boathouse living on the shoreline where the floating sauna awaits after crisp evening dips under the summer sun.

Gothenburg Archipelago, West Sweden

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The Dragonfly at the world-famous Treehotel in Harrads, Sweden


Every tree house here is made from environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques. Founded by Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and Kent Lindvall in 2010, it's the prefect place to unwind and return to nature.

Harads, Swedish Lapland

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Tolonen House in winter, Art Hotel, Swedish Lapland

Art Hotel

Stay with the wonderful Gunhild Stensmyr, who will share stories about her beautiful collection of Swedish country houses and her dream of creating an art centre in the local area.

Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland

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Loggers Lodge in winter, Swedish Lapland

Loggers Lodge

Let Owners Eric Borg and Jörgen Drugge welcome you to their sophisticated eco-friendly cabin in the heart of Swedish Lapland. It's the perfect location for those seeking ultimate seclusion.

Harads, Swedish Lapland

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Winter at Arctic Retreat in Swedish Lapland

Arctic Retreat

Sheltered by the deep forest of the Råne River valley, six traditional log cabins, each with an outdoor hot tub and fire pit, await those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of busy life.

Råne River, Swedish Lapland

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Outside in winter at Aurora Safari Camp, Swedish Lapland

Aurora Safari Camp

Inspired by African bushcamps, Aurora Safari Camp is an off-the-grid gem that brings off-roading to new heights by offering the world’s first Arctic winter glampsite.

Lassbyn, Swedish Lapland

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Winter at Brandon Lodge, Swedish Lapland

Brandon Lodge

This long standing family-run property has hospitality high on the agenda. Set in a forest, overlooking the Luleå archipelago in Swedish Lapland, stay in cosy timber cabins that face the sea.

Luleå, Swedish Lapland

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Lakeside cabin at The 72 Hour Cabin, Sweden

The 72 Hour Cabin

Where guests rekindle their relationship with nature, a stay in one of the four glass houses on offer at the Dalsland Aktiviteter Centre is a life-affirming experience.

Dalsland, West Sweden

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Snowy path leading to the Aurora Domes in Swedish Lapland

Aurora Domes

Aurora Domes

Kiruna, Sweden

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Winter at Brandon Lodge, Swedish Lapland

Brandon Lodge

This long standing family-run property has hospitality high on the agenda. Set in a forest, overlooking the Luleå archipelago in Swedish Lapland, stay in cosy timber cabins that face the sea.

Luleå, Swedish Lapland

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Hotellrum Exi 149 Eggers Hotell Göteborg 7103 1

Hotel Eggers

Located near Central Station, Hotel Eggers has been a welcome retreat for those seeking first class comfort for decades. Historic charm and character is maintained alongside modern sustainable practices.

Gothenburg, West Sweden

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Spacious bedroom at Isbolaget Hotel in Donso, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden


Situated beside the water’s edge on the beautiful island of Donso, a collection of fourteen light-filled rooms look out over the cobbled tranquil beauty of the Gothenburg Archipelago.

Gothenburg Archipelago, West Sweden

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Sweden in pictures

Northern Lights over Abisko National Park. Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Northern lights over Abisko National Park in Sweden
The northern lights over Abisko National Park
Picture of moose in Sweden
Swedish moose
A wooden pot of forest lingonberries in the Swedish countryside
A rowing boat on a lake under the Midnight Sun in Swedish Lapland in summer
Rowing under the midnight sun
Traditional Swedish Fika of coffee and baked goods
Traditional Swedish fika
Sunset over Hönö in the Gothenburg archipelago in West Sweden
Gothenburg Archipelago
Person hiking through the forest and around a fjord in autumn
Hiking in autumn

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