Reindeers pulling sleds by Staffan Widstrand for

Reindeers pulling sleds across a snowy plain at Sami Lapland
Northern Lights At Aurora Village
Dogs pulling a sled through a snowy forest in Lapland

Lapland Holidays

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Although famous the world over, little is known about this mysterious region that takes in not just one but three European countries – the far northern reaches of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Silent forests and crystal-clear lakes transform by winter into a vast snow-whipped wilderness. This in the land to experience two of the world’s most thrilling phenomena: the northern lights and the midnight sun.

Lapland Holidays

Whether a night at the world-famous Icehotel is on your bucket list, or you want to spend nights snuggled up in a cosy glass igloo for two, we can plan the trip of a lifetime to this enchanting destination. Below you'll find a selection of our favourite Lapland holiday ideas for inspiration.

With direct flights from London and Manchester to Lapland during the winter months, you can reach the glittering wilderness in Finland, Sweden and Norway in just a few hours.

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Thought as of a fictional land by many, even those who know Lapland does exist would find it hard to pinpoint on a map, yet those who visit are astounded by the sheer variety of its landscapes. From Norway's jagged peaks and Sweden's sweeping forests to Finland - a destination as close as you’ll come to a real life Narnia.

Visit in summer and you might be surprised by the balmy temperatures and breathtaking nature. Hike through forests of lichen-clad firs, kayak along lazy rivers and swim in lakes glistening with the midnight sun. This is home of the indigenous Sámi, who roam with their reindeer through verdant valleys and across frozen fells.

The landscape might be wild but you won’t have to rough it, for here you’ll find hotels of world-class calibre. Stay at the magnificent Northern Lights Ranch, cosy up in a glass igloo or escape to silence in a remote lakeside cabin. And who could forget the architectural masterpiece crafted entirely from frozen water -  Swedish Lapland's Icehotel features on the bucket-list of many adventurous travellers from all corners of the globe.

Map of Lapland & Northern Norway


Stretching hundreds of kilometres above the Arctic Circle is Finland's true wilderness. A frozen landscape in winter and endless daylight in summer.

A snow covered hut nestled between trees in the Finnish countryside in winter


Picture of moose in Sweden


The Lyngen Alps during winter in Norway
Snow covered trees under the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland

Capital of Lapland and hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi feels Christmassy all year round – even the streets are laid out like a reindeer. But the real draw is the surrounding wilderness where stunning glass igloos make a stylish base for Arctic activities. Ski down the slopes of Levi and Ylläs or venture north to peaceful Lake Inari to experience the traditional Sámi way of life. From snowshoeing and floating saunas to husky-sledding through ancient forests, Finnish Lapland is the ultimate Arctic escape. 

Helena Wahlman/

Helena Wahlman/

A herd of reindeer on a snowy hillside in Swedish Lapland in winter

Swedish Lapland

With rolling hills and roaring rivers, sparkling lakes and pristine forests, Swedish Lapland is a giant wilderness playground with some incredible places to stay. From the Icehotel with its ephemeral sculptures to the suspended pods of the Treehotel or the floating Arctic Bath, you’ll be fully immersed in nature. Skidoo up frozen rivers, learn to cross-country ski and visit the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park – one of the best places in the world to experience the northern lights.

Snowy mountains overlooking a fjord at dusk in Norwegian Lapland

Northern Norway

Far above the Arctic Circle, northern Norway is a place of wild, empty beauty. Craggy peaks and steep-sided fjords, windswept archipelagos and majestic glaciers bask in the glow of the midnight sun or the ethereal northern lights. Gateway to the north, Tromsø, is a hive of polar activity, while remote Alta and Kirkenes feel like the end of the earth. Take a sea voyage along the stunning coast, discover the dramatic cliffs of North Cape, and explore the untouched interior by snowmobile, dog sled and snowshoe.  

Highlights of Lapland

Northern Lights swirling over the snowy landscape below in winter

Mother Nature's most famous light show

Each year from autumn to early spring, the shimmering curtains of the northern lights can be spotted in the Arctic skies. Caused by streams of charged particles from the sun colliding with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the upper atmosphere, the result is quite possibly the greatest natural show on Earth. It comes as no surprise that catching a glimpse of this incredible phenomenon tops many a bucket list. Mesmerising, tantalising and awe-inspiring, they leave an unforgettable impression on all who see them.

Northern Lights Holidays

Blue-eyed husky ready for dog sledding in Lapland in winter

Born to run

Husky dogs are perfectly suited to the conditions found in Lapland and have been used for centuries to pull sleds for hunting and travel. Renowned for speed and endurance, they were born to pull, so grab the reins and embark upon an exhilarating husky safari into the untouched wildness of the Arctic with your own trusty team of dogs to guide you. Cross vast frozen lakes, charge through dense forest and appreciate the silence broken only by the patter of paws and the sled gliding across the snow. 

We'll send you a complimentary copy of Bradt's Travel Guide Book when you book your Lapland trip with us

Traditional Sami boots made from reindeer skin and fur in Finnish Lapland

The indigenous people of the north

The Sami are the northernmost indigenous people of Europe, with a population of around 100,000 across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. In Northern Norway, where almost half of the population resides, Sami culture is enjoying something of a renaissance. Visit Inga Sami Siida, a traditional farm on the island of Hinnoya where Laila and Arild Inga offer a wonderful insight into their family's reindeer farming heritage. In Finnish Lapland, a visit to the village of Inari, the heart of the Sami homeland, and to the museum of the Finnish Sami, is an absolute must.

A herd of reindeer walking through a snowy forest in Lapland in winter

Meet Lapland's Iconic Reindeer

The heart and soul of a cultural identity, reindeer have been at the very centre of Sami life for thousands of years. Ideally adapted for life in the Arctic, they can roam wherever they please, but each one belongs to a reindeer herder and each herder is responsible for his stock, identifying them by small carvings made in the ears. All over Lapland, there are places where you can meet reindeer and learn more about them and their lives as told by reindeer-herding entrepreneurs. 



"For a place that doesn't officially exist, Lapland is famous the world over. First-time visitors are often astonished at the sheer variety of its landscapes".

James Proctor | Author | Bradt's Lapland Travel Guide Book

Wonderful places to stay in Lapland

Panoramic view of the Northern Lights Ranch in Finland

Northern Lights Ranch

These remote cabins feature expansive glass windows and roofs ideal for viewing the beautiful surrounding nature and watching out for the elusive northern lights.

Levi, Finnish Lapland

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Nangu 2021 1

Wilderness Hotel Nangu

Situated on the shores of Lake Inari, the cosy cabins at Wilderness Hotel Nangu offer both comfortable, rustic interiors and spectacular views of the wilderness beyond.

Inari, Finland

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Lapland Guesthouse in winter, Swedish Lapland

Lapland Guesthouse

Stay with Johan and Eva and learn about their beautiful collection of brightly coloured Swedish houses in the tiny Swedish village of Kangos, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Kangos, Swedish Lapland

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Aerial view of an aurora cabin in the snowy wilderness at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland

Aurora Village

Located high above the Arctic Circle, surrounded by a wild woodland where resident reindeer roam, this secluded and elegant retreat is home to 28 luxurious glass-roof cabins.

Inari, Finnish Lapland

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Winter at Arctic Retreat in Swedish Lapland

Arctic Retreat

Sheltered by the deep forest of the Råne River valley, six traditional log cabins, each with an outdoor hot tub and fire pit, await those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of busy life.

Råne River, Swedish Lapland

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Tunnelma Highres 21.1.2019 36

Muotka Wilderness Lodge

Set amidst the forested feels of Finland, this charming retreat is perfect for a honeymoon, anniversary or romantic getaway. Enjoy wholesome, locally-sourced food, cooked to perfection.

Sodankylä, Finnish Lapland

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Nothern lights over Nuorgam Holiday Village in Finland

Nuorgam Holiday Village

Nuorgam Holiday Village is surrounded by the spectacular Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area and is the perfect destination for anyone looking to unwind and recharge.

Nuorgam, Finland

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28__SkyView Suite.jpg

Javri Lodge

Locals Juha and Katja Mehtajarv opened this exquisite adult-only lodge in 2016. It's the perfect place for couples seeking luxurious isolation and the very highest of standards in hospitality.

Inari, Finnish Lapland

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The Dragonfly at the world-famous Treehotel in Harrads, Sweden


Every tree house here is made from environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques. Founded by Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and Kent Lindvall in 2010, it's the prefect place to unwind and return to nature.

Harads, Swedish Lapland

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Kirkenes Wilderness cabins in winter in Norway

Kirkenes Snowhotel & Cabins

Surrounded by beautiful, raw arctic landscapes, quirky hobbit-style wooden cabins open year round can also be combined with a night in a room made entirely of ice in winter at the annual snow hotel.

Kirkenes, Northern Norway

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Lyngen Lodge in winter with a view of the mountains, Norway

Lyngen Lodge

Blending seamlessly with the landscape, this peaceful Norwegian chalet sits on the banks of the Lyngen Fjord against the dramatic backdrop of the Lyngen Alps

Lyngen, Norway

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View of the Lyngen Experience Lodge over the water at sundown, Norway

Lyngen Experience Lodge

There are just nine rooms at this low lying boutique lodge. Located on Norway's shoreline and set against the stunning backdrop of the Ulsfjord, discover the perfect way to experience the Norwegian wilderness

Nord Lenangen, Norway

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Winter at Brandon Lodge, Swedish Lapland

Brandon Lodge

This long standing family-run property has hospitality high on the agenda. Set in a forest, overlooking the Luleå archipelago in Swedish Lapland, stay in cosy timber cabins that face the sea.

Luleå, Swedish Lapland

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Nellim Wilderness Hotel main building with northern lights above it

Nellim Wilderness Lodge

Warm, welcoming and wonderful - adventures of a lifetime await at this well established resort that provides an extraordinary range of accommodation including log cabins and Aurora bubbles.

Inari, Finnish Lapland

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Luxurious glass-roof igloos at Levin Iglut Golden Crown resort in Finnish Lapland

Levin Iglut Golden Crown Glass Igloos

These luxurious and spacious glass igloos are located just 5km from Finland's largest ski resort. Hit the slopes during the day and enjoy aurora displays from the comfort of your very own bed after dark.

Levi, Finnish Lapland

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Lapland in pictures

The Northern Lights swirling in the sky above the snow covered landscape below in winter in Lapland
The Northern Lights in Lapland
A reindeers at the Finnmark mountain plateau in snowy Lapland
Reindeer at the Finnmark mountain plateau
A colourful sunset over the snowy forest at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland
Sunset over Aurora Village
Kettle and pot at the Lavas Forest Retreat in Swedish Lapland in winter
Kettle at the Lavas Forest Retreat
Snowy forest landscape in Lapland in winter
Snowy forest in Lapland
A team of hugging huskies ready for dog sledding in Lapland in a snowy forest
A team of huskies pulling a sled in Lapland
An aurora cabin under in a snowy forest under the Northern Lights sky in Lapland in winter
Aurora cabin under the Northern Lights

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