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View of the Lyngen Experience Lodge over the water at sundown, Norway

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Lyngen Experience Lodge

Norway | 69.88°North
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Frozen or free-flowing, water defines this serene fjord-side lodge on the northern Lyngen peninsula, where your gaze is always drawn to rippling reflections or patterns created by icy plateaus. Sit back, gently relax and savour the scenic surroundings before embarking on memory-making adventures in the mountains or at sea.

Suite at the Lyngen Experience in Norway
Evening exterior view of the Lyngen Experience, Norway
Northern lights viewing a the Lyngen Experience in Norway
Twin room a the Lyngen experience, Norway
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Landscape view of the mountains at the Lyngen Experience, Norway

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When the views are this good, there’s no need to travel far; every room at this low-lying lodge seems to salute the sea. Even the arrival by ferry, following a 90km drive from Tromso, creates a sensation of floating into the unknown.

There are seven double and two quadruple rooms available (along with six more new-build apartments 8km away), all decorated in soothing and muted natural tones. A sauna is set close enough to the Ulsfjord to allow for invigorating sweat-and-swims, while an outdoor hot tub and decking with a fire pit provide comfortable settings for watching northern lights.

Former professional Norwegian female football player Reidun Nilsen runs the show, and eagerly advises on activities to fill days. Swim in glacial lakes and go water-skiing during the summer; in winter, search for sperm whales, or use ice picks to climb frozen waterfalls. From March until mid-May, ski tours are possible in the Lyngen Alps.

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Lyngen Experience Lodge | Nord Lenangen | Norway

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