The northern lights at Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland in winter
Arctic Bath Spa Building in the evening, Sweden

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Arctic Bath

Sweden | 66.08°North
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Where a masterpiece of architecture meets spa life at its finest. Welcome to Arctic Bath, a hotel experience centred on evoking wellness through design. With the goal of integrating the outside landscape into private interiors—both literally and metaphorically—the property is artfully devised with accommodations incorporating natural materials of wood, stone, and leather that harmonise with the holistic precision.

Aerial view of Arctic Bath, Swedish Lapland
The northern lights at Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland in winter
View of Swedish Lapland from living area in Arctic Bath
Water cabins at Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland
Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland in winter
Bedroom suite at Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland
Spa building at Arctic Bath in Swedish Lapland

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Perched on poles, fastened to walkways that freeze into the winter ice and bob along the summer’s water toward the shore, Arctic Bath’s six famous water cabins each have a private swimming deck for summer soaking, and dramatic northward-facing, sloping roof windows that angle sharply toward the sky, making for ideal Aurora spotting conditions. The hotel’s six other accommodations include three family rooms and three suites—a total of twelve spaces that cultivate almost ethereal charm among the technicolor landscape surrounding.

Perhaps the magnum opus of Arctic Bath is its twig-coated spa building, a circular structure whose design was inspired by the historical floating timber industry. However, Arctic Bath’s wow factor does not halt here; venture inwards toward a full-service spa, where guests have access to an open-air dipping pool built into a hole in the building’s centre, along with a range of spa services, onsite nutritionists, and massages that all serve as holistic extensions of the building itself.

The brainchildren behind this masterpiece are architects Bertil Harström—who also designed Treehotel’s iconic Bird’s Nest and UFO—and Johan Kauppi. Working in collaboration, both architects saw opportunity at every corner to devise a space with resounding effect—from subdued, tonal palettes to an onsite restaurant, where good design permeates the culinary realm through locally sourced and often wild ingredients

Arctic Bath offers year-round accommodations, and a range of activities to boot—whether you’re seeking a guided hike into the wilderness, the rush of white water rafting, or a dream-like forest bath.

"Arctic Bath really is a first – it’s a special spa experience. So much thought, engineering and ingenuity have come together to provide visitors with an experience they can’t find anywhere else".

Ann Kathrin Lundqvist | Arctic Bath Designer & Co-owner

Arctic Bath on the map

Arctic Bath | Harads | Swedish Lapland

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"Unique in so many ways, we love that this property has been constructed using only sustainable materials. Even the land cabins are elevated on stilts so the natural environment below them is not disturbed".

Emma Durkin | Founder | Where The Wild Is

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