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Northern Lights Ranch

Finland | 67.92°North
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In the far reaches of Finland's Lapland, where the silent beauty of nature converges with the mystical allure of the northern lights, a hidden gem awaits discerning travellers seeking an enchanting Arctic getaway. Welcome to the Northern Lights Ranch, an exquisite haven nestled in the heart of Kittilä, just a whisper away from the renowned resort town of Levi.

Dusk at Northern Lights Ranch Sky View Cabin in Finland
Winter interior of the room Skyview Cabin at Northern Lighs Ranch in Finland
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ON-site restaurant at northern lights ranch in Finland
Northern lights outside Sky view cabins at Northern lights ranch in Finland

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The resort's 25 luxurious Sky View Cabins are a harmonious fusion of architectural brilliance and natural splendour. Elevated above the Lappish landscape on stilts, these glass-roofed sanctuaries offer an uninterrupted view of the Arctic skies.

Gaze through the expansive windows as the stars twinkle in the inky canvas above. And when the Aurora Borealis graces the night with its ethereal dance, lucky visitors have a front-row seat to nature's most coveted performance.

The ranch's inviting restaurant is a celebration of Lappish cuisine, a tapestry woven from local flavors and indigenous ingredients. Savor the rich taste of reindeer dishes and the delicate essence of Arctic char, all while surrounded by panoramic views of the serene landscape.

Embark on exhilarating snowmobile safaris that carve through the pristine white expanses, or let a team of eager huskies guide you on a dog sledding escapade. For those who yearn for quietude, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing unveil the secrets of Lapland's wilderness, each step a testament to the serene harmony that nature weaves. And, for those keen to hit the slopes, Finland's largest ski resort, Levi is just 20 minutes away.

"Because of its remote location away from artificial light, it offers the best chance to experience the amazing Northern Lights, which are often visible from September until April."

Northern Lights Ranch | Finnish Lapland

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Northern Lights Ranch | Levi | Finnish Lapland

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