Aerial view of Aurora Cabins at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finland

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Wilderness Hotel Inari

Finland | 68.89°North
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Brand new in Winter 2017, the breathtaking Hotel Inari is the newest of Mari and Jouko Lappaleinen’s four Wilderness Hotels. This Lapland born and bred husband and wife have made it their life’s work to offer the very best in Lappish hospitality and adventure to their fortunate guests.

The restaurant at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finland
Inside the Aurora Cabin at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finland
Northern lights over the log cabin at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finland
The aurora cabins at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finland
Log Cabin at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finnish Lapland
Aerial view of sunrise at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finland
Aurora igloo cabin under the northern lights at Wilderness Hotel Inari, Finnish Lapland

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Set by Lake Inari in the far Northern reaches of Finnish Lapland and with very little light pollution, the hotel is superbly sited for Aurora hunting. But when you’re not gazing in awe at the dancing night skies, Mari and Jouko have ensured you can enjoy a wide range of Arctic activities, all led by friendly and highly skilled guides. A visit to a reindeer farm and a husky safari are popular highlights.

There is also a great deal of choice when it comes to your accommodation. Spacious Wilderness Rooms are decorated in rustic style, while the larger Log Cabins are ideal for families and offer views over either Lake Inari or River Nukkumajoki. Or, if you stay in one of the hotel’s glass-domed Aurora Cabins you’ll enjoy the best seat in the house when the Northern Lights perform.

The lakeside restaurant serves deliciously seasonal Lappish cuisine in a cosy atmosphere and the well-stocked bar is perfect for those after a late night tipple.

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Glass-roofed Aurora Cabins

With a direct view to the Northern sky, the Aurora Cabins at Wilderness Hotel Inari are a popular option for guests wanting to relax in comfort and witness spectacular shows of the northern lights sweeping across the night sky. The laser-heated glass-roof directly above the bed ensures an unobstructed view even during the lowest temperatures. We recommend mixing and matching to make the most of your holiday. Perhaps split your time between a glass igloo and log cabin. 

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