A colourful sunset over the snowy forest at Aurora Village in Finnish Lapland

Lapland Image Credits

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Aurora Cabin | Photo by Aurora Village



Dog sledding adventure | Photo by Anna Öhlund, 

Northern Lights | Photo by Aurora Village

Reindeers pulling sleds | Photo by Sami Lapland 



Snow covered trees | Finnish Lapland | Photo by  Thomas Kast

Reindeer in winter | Swedish Lapland | Photo by Helena Wahlman 

Mountains and fjord at night | Norway| Photo by Erik Knoff and Visit Norway 



Northern Lights | Photo by Revontulet Adventure By Design 

Husky | Photo by Talvi Husky Kasvokuva Lapinsafarit 

Traditional Sami boots | Norway | Photo by Kate Liniker

Reindeer walking through snowy forest | Photo by Jörgen Wiklund 


Lapland in Pictures 

The Northern Lights over snowy Lapland | Finnish Lapland | Photo by Visit Finland and Mikka Niemi

Reindeer |  Finland | Photo by Lisa Hassani 

Sunset | Photo by Aurora Village  

Kettle and pot | Photo by Lavas Forest Retreat 

Snowy forest | Photo by Jaanus Jagomagi on Unsplash 

Team Of Huskies | Photo by Asaf Kliger 

Aurora Cabin | Photo by Aurora Village