Lapland Guesthouse in winter, Swedish Lapland
Living area in the viking cabin at lapland guesthouse, Swedish Lapland

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Lapland Guesthouse

Sweden | 67.49°North
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Some 150km north of the Arctic Circle, tucked away in the tiny village of Kangos, stands Lapland Guesthouse, a collection of brightly coloured, Swedish houses. Beautifully crafted and decorated, a warm welcome awaits guests lucky enough to visit this Arctic paradise. Its proud owners and your hosts Johan and Eva moved to Kangos more than 25 years ago.

A luxury room at Lapland Guesthouse in Swedish Lapland
Lapland Guesthouse Hukanmaa (5)
Lapland Guesthouse in Swedish Lapland
Single Room at Lapland Guesthouse, Swedish Lapland
A luxury room at Lapland Guesthouse in Swedish Lapland
Johan and Eva at Lapland Guesthouse in Swedish Lapland
interior view of the viking cabin at Lapland Guesthouse in Swedish Lapland

"If I could invent a time machine and go back to 1993, I’d do it all over again. I wouldn’t change a thing. Life here is wonderful"

Johan Stenevad | Owner of Lapland Guesthouse

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A wooden wonderland greets you as you enter the main house; grandfather clocks, wall cupboards, dressers and floorboards surround a roaring log fire. No matter whether you sleep here or choose a room in one of the additional buildings, you’ll be met by the same warm and homely feel. And when guests come together to dine, they are encouraged to enjoy each other’s company by leaving mobile phones behind.

In the winter months, snow piles up to the windowsills and exhilarating activities depart from the doorstep. Go outside to search for the northern lights or gaze at the skies whilst bathing in the outdoor hot tub. When the snow melts and summer begins, a lush green landscape arrives; flowers bloom and the inviting glistening waters of the Lainio river summon those keen to wild swim or fish under the gentle glow of the midnight sun.

It’s a family affair here. Johan, Eva and their two sons are in love with the life they have created in Kangos. They firmly believe that the reason they can work so hard is because of the incredible nature that surrounds them and the guesthouse.

You'll also meet Mia, a blacksmith by trade, who has a workshop on site where guests are invited to come and learn about crafting there own metal masterpiece. Half day workshops can be booked. get in touch to find out more.

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Lapland Guesthouse | Kangos | Swedish Lapland

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