Wilderness cabins at Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway

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Kirkenes Snowhotel & Cabins

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Often compared to the homes in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy hobbit land, these unique and hip wilderness cabins found in Norway's far flung north, are open year round. On the same plot during winter, a separate hotel made of snow and ice invites visitors to spend a night at sub-zero temperatures.

Kirkenes Cabin in winter in norway at night with the northern lights
Kirkenes Wilderness cabins in winter in Norway
Northern lights over kirkenes cabin in Norway
Bedroom in Kirkenes Wilderness Cabin in Norway
Exterior of Kirkenes Wilderness Cabin in Norway
Kirkenes Snowhotel & Cabins in winter in norway
Kirkenes Cabin in winter in norway at night with the northern lights

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Surrounded by rolling mountains, pine forests and thriving wildlife, Snowhotel Kirkenes is an unforgettable stay.

Melt into this whimsical wonderland as your bags are whisked away via sledge to your room. Following the snowy path into the grounds, the snowmobile station is up ahead, and some huskys to your right, all waiting to take you on a thrilling ride into the arctic! To your left, some friendly reindeer roam the grounds beside the Gamme Cabins.

Retreat from the refreshing arctic temperatures and enter a wooden cafe based on a traditional Sami tent. With tables lining the rounded interior, the relaxed environment encourages guests to interact.

The dome-like entrance into the Snowhotel is adorned with ice sculptures, illuminated by colourful lights leading to the walkway. Branching off from here, 14 magical rooms are calved into the walls. Spend the night at -5 under expedition grade bedding for a once in a lifetime experience.

Connected to the Ice bar and hotel, the rustic converted barn with original wood panelling welcomes guests with warm bathrooms, showers and that all important sauna! Upstairs, a cosy open restaurant with grand beams that formed the original barn structure, provides three courses of mouth-watering Norwegian dishes and a view of the night sky, where there’s a chance to spot the northern lights.

If a warmer room sounds a little more tempting after a day of icy activities, 20 Gamme Cabins stand nestled in the snow. Sleeping 2, the arched hobbit-like structure holds a porch to house your very own snow shoes for an exciting morning excursion. The spacious centre holds two beds and to the front a curved floor to ceiling window offers views of the starry sky, with chairs laden with reindeer hide for aurora viewing. The left wing features an impressive bathroom, with a large shower and hidden toilet to provide more bench space for changing.

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Spend a night in the Kirkenes Snowhotel 365

With the original Snowhotel Kirkenes opening in 2006, the magnificent artwork that is Snowhotel 365 has since grown and is now open all year round. 14 rooms carved completely out of ice have been expertly created by sculptors from around the world, with scenes depicting Norwegian and Sami historical tales. Cosy thermal bedding and a soft matress keeps you warm in sub-zero temperatures. Thick forests at the rear and crystal fjords at the front means the arctic wonder is perfectly positioned for guests to enjoy the wilderness and access the multitudes of exhilarating activities on offer. 

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Kirkenes Snowhotel & Cabins | Kirkenes | Norway

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