Spacious bedroom at Isbolaget Hotel in Donso, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden

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Situated beside the water’s edge on the beautiful island of Donsö, a collection of fourteen light-filled rooms look out over the cobbled tranquil beauty of the Gothenburg Archipelago. Once a historic ice factory, Isbolaget is now a relaxed rustic retreat with a restaurant highly favoured by the neighbouring island's locals.

View if the bedroom at Isbolaget hotel in Donso, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden
External view of Isbolaget by the water on Donso Island, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden
Lounge at Isbolaget Hotel, Donso island, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden
Outdoor seating at Isbolaget hotel, Donso island, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden
Bedroom view at Isbolaget Hotel in, Donso Island, Gotenburg Archipelago, Sweden
interior of the restaurant at Isbolaget, Gothenburg, Sweden
View of the bathroom at Isbolaget hotel on Donso Island, Gothenburg Archipelago, Sweden

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Conveniently perched on the end of the pier in Donsö harbour, Isbolaget provided ice for fishing boats from 1953 to 1993. Reached only by ferry or pick up from Ola and his team, the hotel offers homespun hospitality and a peaceful contrast to the bustle of Gothenburg city centre, just under an hour by ferry and tram.

A muted colour palette and rooms adorned with natural wood features meld the hotel seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, its minimalist atmosphere allows for full attention on the far-reaching views. There is much to take in, from the Vinga lighthouse to the nearby island of Styrsö and the family of charming fishing boats bobbing along the cool calming waters beneath.

Each room includes a spacious bathroom containing eco-friendly products, as well as there being a relaxed lounge and dining area for guests to enjoy breakfast which is displayed beautifully every morning.

Bikes are available to hire on request, a must on the almost car-free island. Ola and his team offer a wealth of knowledge on the area and are well acquainted with the local businesses on Donsö and the easily accessed neighbouring islands.

After exploring what the island has to offer, a seat at the marvellous local favourite, Restaurant Isbolaget, serves a range of delicious dishes including fresh fish, with excellent drinks and exquisite service to match. Chose to dine in the spacious restaurant embellished with recycled natural wood and charming fishing gear, or sit in the conservatory, with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the vast blue sea.

This boutique retreat is a must for those seeking to stay in an area only few get to experience, with unforgettable hospitality, awe-inspiring views and complete inner restoration.

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