Panoramic view of Deplar Farm in North Iceland
Panoramic view of Deplar Farm in summer in North Iceland

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Deplar Farm

Iceland | 65.95°North
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Nestled at the base of an ice-capped mountain range, this former farmhouse-turned-luxe-getaway is tucked away in the far north of Iceland, a short distance away from the former fishing hub of Siglufjörður. With a moss-covered rooftop, shag blankets draped over indoor lounge beds, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a bean-shaped geothermally-heated pool—Troll Peninsula prioritises privacy for the luxuriously inclined.

View of mountains from Deplar Farm in North Iceland
Northern Lights over Deplar Farm in North Iceland
Window over looking the scenery at Deplar Farm in North Iceland
The bedroom at Deplar Farm in North Iceland
Lounge area at Deplar Farm in North Iceland
Brown leather sofa at Deplar Farm in North Iceland
Birds eye view of Deplar Farm in North Iceland

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Troll Peninsula takes renovation to a whole new level; once the home of beloved Icelandic sheep, the now luxurious hotel boasts cozy guest suites, an all-inclusive restaurant, and a chic spa—all situated in between the brilliant, sweeping Icelandic landscape. It is quintessentially homey, its top suite cheekily named “Floki”—a treehouse-style mezzanine loft equipped with a hammock for two and windows on three of its four walls—offering panoramic views of the surroundings.

Poolside, guests can luxuriate in the indoor-outdoor pool with a swim-up bar, or enjoy the higher, bubblier temperatures of the adjacent hot tub. Stretch things out in a yoga session, offered for both individuals and groups. And for those seeking to venture beyond these warm hotel walls, guided adventures to nearby hiking trails and ski outings are provided.

An all-inclusive dining scheme allows you to sink into a state of rejuvenating nonchalance while enjoying the restaurant’s farm-to-table delicacies provided by local fisherman, farmers, and brewers.

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