Interior of the Master suite at Skalakot Manor in South Iceland

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Skalakot Manor

Iceland | 63.57°North
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Welcome home to the pinnacle of Icelandic hospitality at this cosy countryside retreat. Join the Skalakot family as they introduce you to the world of horseback riding and their proudly rural oasis in the heart of southern Iceland. Sink into the humbling, awe-inspiring countryside from Skalakot's rooms, which overlook the Westman Islands and blend rustic goodness and luxury in impressive displays.

Master suite beds at Skalakot Manor in South Iceland
Aerial view of Skalakot Manor in South Iceland
Lounge area at Skalakot Manor in South Iceland
Bedroom at Skalakot Manor in South Iceland
Double room at Skalakot Manor in South Iceland
Horses outside Skalakot Manor in South Iceland
Restaurant at Skalakot Manor in South Iceland

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Since 1985, the seventh generation of the Skalakot family has operated this hotel with pride and the utmost level of hospitality. Their motto—we aim to please with ease—captures only a fraction of this family’s work. With a good selection of rooms featuring luxury appointments such as leather couches, angled ceilings, and eclectic wallpaper, and a quaint restaurant featuring fresh daily breakfasts and candlelit dinners, Skalakot Hotel offers guests a fantastic countryside oasis.

Horseback riding excursions, available to beginners and experts alike, are a pleasant way to engage more deeply with the environment and fully appreciate the Skalakot farm, which runs adjacent to the hotel. The interior, steeped in hues of the terrain—deep browns and greens—create an authentic, focused atmosphere and invite new love for the environment.

Enjoy the warm interior by lounging in your barn-inspired room, read a book, or take a hike along one of the many nearby trails. Prioritising country living, storytelling, and the friendly, jovial disposition of the Icelandic mentality are only a few of the treats that guests have the opportunity to indulge in at Skalakot Hotel.

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Skalakot Manor | Hvolsvollur | Iceland

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