Aerial view of the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Northern lights over the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland

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Torfhus Retreat

Iceland | 64.24°North
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Welcome to Torfhus, where eco-luxury meets quintessential Icelandic style as inspired by a traditional Viking farm. Rugged, untouched landscape dotted with private residences and suites crafted from local stone, reclaimed wood and turf enmesh this true retreat with the natural immensity that surrounds it.

Twin room at the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Summer exterior of the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Shower at the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Interior of one of the suites at Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Restaurant at the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Wooden boat at the Torfhus retreat in South Iceland
Exterior of the Torfhus retreat in winter in South Iceland

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Hominess is alive and well at Torfhus, whose name translates to “turf house,” and rightfully so; living turf roofs halo twenty-five private cabins, welcoming guests like long-lost homes while paying homage to Iceland’s rich history of this unusual construction technique. Venture inwards, and you’ll find ten two-bedroom, fully-equipped houses each sporting a private basalt stone hot pool. Smaller houses offer comfortable living areas and semi-private hot pools. Each pool rests sunken inground and is naturally heated by Iceland’s geothermal energy. Carrying on Iceland’s rich tradition of swimming, Torfhus’ pools extend the abundant nature that surrounds them.

In every detail, unpretentious luxury and eco-friendliness meet in harmony—from reclaimed oak walls to lambskin rugs and cutting-edge amenities—reminding guests that modern conveniences need not be sacrificed for off-the-grid experiences.

Providing an “all-encompassing Icelandic experience,” a stay at Torfhus is at once whimsical and grounded, luxurious and minimalistic; and it is not complete without a meal at its restaurant, where local ingredients, tradition, and slow cooking are prized and tasted in every dish.

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Torfhus Retreat | Bláskógabyggð | Iceland

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