Aerial View of Senja's Lighthouse in the snow

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Senja's Lighthouse

Norway | 69.19°North
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Flooded with 360-degree views of mountain, fjord and sky, this purpose-built tower (ideally for two) is one of the best kept secrets on Norway’s second largest island. With Anderdalen National Park close by, opportunities for outdoor activity are endless – snow or shine. Best of all, the crowds haven’t found it yet.

Living room view at Senja's Lighthouse
Light filled bedroom at Senja's Lighthouse in Norway
Dining area at Senja's Lighthouse, Norway
Double bedroom at Senja's Lighthouse in Norway
Senja's Lighthouse decor in Norway
Senja's Lighthouse under the northern lights in Norway
Hege at Senja's Lighthouse, Norway

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South of Senja’s spikey coastal peaks, sleepy Camp Tranoybotn peers across a sheltered fjord on a site popular with Norwegians since the Seventies. But beyond quaint wooden cabins, an extraordinary building sits at the water’s edge, recently transformed into a modern, fairy-tale escape.

Dressed in a nautical style, it sings of the sea: fishing nets drape kitchen windows, oars provide towel rails and propeller blades function as candle votives. A panorama of windows wraps the top floor, framing wintry light shows and skies scorched by midnight sun, and when it’s time to switch off, black-out curtains sweep around the bed.

Having fallen in love with Senja, former city-dweller Hege bought the camp in 2017, and now guides kayak tours around islands inhabited by seabirds and seals. Join her on a paddle and picnic to former Viking outpost Tranoya - or snuggle up in reindeer skins for Sami storytelling sessions on the ice.

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