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The Bolder

Norway | 58.94°North
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Nestled in Norway's breath-taking Lysefjord, less than an hour from Stavanger Airport, six stunning, architecturally designed cabins, provide panoramic views of the fjord and surrounding mountains. Experience unparalleled comfort amidst nature's beauty, where adventure and relaxation seamlessly coexist. It's time to discover the extraordinary at The Bolder.

The Bolder by Elin Engelsvoll

A wooden lodge from the outside at The Bolder in Norway

The Bolder by Henrik Moksnes

A wooden lodge from the inside at The Bolder in Norway

The Bolder by Elin Engelsvoll

Wooden lodges from the outside at The Bolder in Norway

The Bolder by Elin Engelsvoll

Inside room of wooden lodge at The Bolder
A wooden lodge from the outside at The Bolder in Norway
Interior of The Bolder in Norway
Elin Engelsvoll 2023 The Bolder 0218

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Offering camera-clicking vistas of the fjord and the majestic mountains, these exquisitely designed cabins provide an immersive experience in one of Norway’s most breath-taking landscapes.

Meticulously crafted with modern Scandinavian design, lucky guests can find high-end amenities, plush bedding, and fully equipped kitchens inside. The emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly materials ensures a minimal environmental footprint while maximising comfort and style. 

Opt for a Sky Lodge for smart, compact living, where a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and two bedrooms, comfortably house up to four. Star Lodges step up the game with more spacious accommodation and a gentler staircase for easier access. Unlike its counterpart, each Star Lodge has air conditioning, offering enhanced comfort in all weather conditions.

For those seeking a luxurious group getaway, the star of the show, the Grand Lodge boasts two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a beautifully designed lounge with panoramic views, and a spacious kitchen by Vipp, perfect for culinary enthusiasts.

It's a self-catering affair here, but daily deliveries of breakfast and tapas can be arranged.

The Bolder is not just a place to stay; it's an extraordinary experience that combines luxury, tranquillity, and the raw beauty of Norway's natural wonders. Explore nearby hiking trails, embark on a kayaking journey in the fjord, or simply unwind and take in the serene surroundings from your own private deck.

The Bolder | Forsand | Fjord Norway

Our Norway team can't wait to help you plan your stay at The Bolder in Fjord Norway