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Varanger Lodge

Northern Norway | 70.13°North
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Hidden in the tiny fishing village of Nesseby, Varanger Lodge is an arctic escape like no other. Stood on the edge of the Varanger fjord, allow panoramic windows to bring wild wonders in, journey out to sea to catch your very own King Crab, and sink blissfully into the sauna.

Exterior view of Varanger Lodge under the Northern Lights, Nesseby, Norway
Varanger Lodge Bedroom
Twin bedroom at Varanger Lodge in Northern Norway
Spacious kitchen at Varanger Lodge in Northern Norway
Living area with view of the fjord at Varanger Lodge, Northern Norway
King Crabbing excursion at Varanger Lodge, Northern Norway
Varanger Lodge Living 3

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Journey to magical Northern Norway and meet skipper Edgar Olsen for an unforgettable experience on the edge of the Varanger Fjord.

Growing up in the area, Edgar put his love for the arctic wilderness into building the lodges, completing them in 2017. Locals have lived in harmony alongside nature for hundreds of years, and it is the respect for the wilds that has seen communities and wildlife thrive together. Staying at Varanger Lodge offers guests the unique opportunity to experience this way of life, in their very own slice of arctic heaven.

Set on the edge of the deep blue waters, the lodges comfortably house four in each, with additional room for extra guests in Edgar's nearby fisherman's cabin. Wrap around floor-to-ceiling windows offer magical views of the fjord, and skylights over the beds make stargazing and aurora viewing ever more comfortable. 

Based on the gamme cabins used by Sami communities, the lodge is built using natural and minimal materials, with the sod roof from the building work helping the hideaway to sink seamlessly into the landscape. The spacious living and kitchen areas are the perfect relaxation space for a morning coffee, as you watch the winter snow fall and melt into the sea below. If you desire an icy afternoon dip, the sauna situated between the two lodges is the best way to thaw out. 

With opportunities to sail out to sea and catch your own King Crab, head up into the mountains for a night in Edgar's wilderness cabin, or to have a delicious meal prepared by a private chef, tailor-made experiences are at your fingertips at Varanger Lodge.

We want to leave the area as it was before us. Understanding the ecosystems is key to using nature as a resource, but keeping it vibrant and healthy- Edgar Olsen, host and owner of Varanger Lodge.

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Varanger Lodge | Nesseby | Northern Norway

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