Aerial View of Alladale Lodge, Scotland

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Alladale Lodge

Scotland | 57.86°North
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Nestled within an ancient Caledonian pine forest, Alladale Lodge is surrounded by a 23,000-acre wilderness of forests, mountains, rivers and lochs, just a one hour drive north of Inverness. The breath-taking and wild  surroundings are matched by stylish, comfortable and spacious interiors which offer the chance to disconnect and recharge in the ultimate Scottish Highlands getaway.

Living room at Alladale Lodge, The Highlands
Double bedroom at Alladale Lodge
Small double bedroom at Alladale Lodge
Hackett 65B Alladale 87 (1)
Bathroom at Alladale Lodge, The Highlands
Double room at Alladale Lodge, Scotland
Dining room at Alladale Lodge, The Highlands

"It is about time we worked out we share this planet with other species… we can’t survive on this planet alone”.

Paul Lister | Alladale Wilderness Reserve Owner

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Alladale Lodge | The Highlands | Scotland

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