View of the exterior of the hotel boat, Fingal in Edinburgh docks at dusk

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Enter into Scotland’s first luxury floating hotel, situated within a large ship that’s been permanently berthed on Edinburg’s bustling waterfront. Once a northern lighthouse board ship, Fingal now houses 23 private cabins that are each named after the lighthouses the ship serviced in its heyday.

The grand, white table-clothed ballroom and dining area of the Fingal in Edinburgh
The beautiful hyskeir luxury cabin aboard the boat hotel, Fingal in Edinburgh
View of the sink area and stand alone bath in the luxury duplex bathroom aboard the boat hotel, Fingal in Edinburgh
Cakes, scones and sandwiches of the afternoon tea aboard the ship, Fingal in Edinburgh
Seating and dining area of the Skerryvore suite aboard the boat hotel, Fingal in Edinburgh
The dining area in the Lighthouse Bar aboard Fingal in Edinburgh docks
The engine room aboard the ship, Fingal hotel in Edinburgh

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Opulent, Art Deco interiors abound at Fingal, whose unique spaces cater to those seeking a break from the ordinary. Unique luxury cabins each house large desk spaces, and private decks for stargazing. While all of Fingal’s cabins are exquisitely decorated with a modern, maritime chic aesthetic, its starboard cabin
boasts the most expansive views.

Fingal is ideal for those seeking to be spellbound, perfect for travellers looking for something fundamentally different from the ordinary. Features small and large dazzle, from headboards with map contours, to Davy lamps and rain showers, allowing guests to sink into an oasis while floating soundlessly along the waterfront.

First-class service abounds at Fingal, whether it’s in the onboard dining room or along its deck, where guests can enjoy a drink as they watch the sun dip below the horizon. With an ambiance as warm as it is unique, Fingal stands apart both literally and figuratively – a hotel on the sea, floating to a different tune.

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