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Svalbard Hotell Polfareren

Longyearbyen | 78.21°North
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Comprised of three locations, each with a unique aesthetic signature, Svalbard Hotell maximises minimalism throughout its design, so as not to steal from the show of Norway’s spectacular Svalbard archipelago.

Exterior of Svalbard Hotell & Lodge in Svalbard
Double Superior room at Svalbard Hotel in Longyearbyen
Polar Bear Suite at Svalbard Hotel in Longyearbyen
Lounge area at the Svalbard Hotel, Svalbard
Polar Bear Suite at Svalbard Hotel in Longyearbyen
Svalbard Hotel in Longyearbyen
Svalbard Hotel in Longyearbyen in winter

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Svalbard Hotell’s Polfarerern location is nestled in the heart of one of the world’s northernmost settlements and effuses a distinctive bookish charm. Inspired by the Norwegian explorer Eivind Astrup, the location features a polar library, bar, and stands out from the crowd as a certified eco-lighthouse with forty-nine fully-stocked rooms.

The Vault, is the newest addition and elevates thirty-five rooms into full chic through sharp geometric elements and pops of vibrant colour. The Vault is particular about its ecological footprint, too; inspired by Svalbard’s Global Seed vault, a safety rock of food seeds buried deep beneath the region’s permafrost, the location emphasises the balance between luxury and functionality from its austere exterior to homey, tucked-in abodes.

As a private apartment, The Lodge has a feel all its own. The location is ideal for friends or families looking for emphasised privacy and independence without the need to sacrifice amenities or services. All rooms feature a kitchen, living room, and washing machine. Feel at home while away, thanks to these thoughtful touches, yet also the convenience of the hotel’s main office which is located on the first floor alongside a renowned pub.

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Svalbard Hotell Polfareren | Longyearbyen | Svalbard

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