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Arctic Fox Igloos

Finland | 65.92°NORTH
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Immersed in the woodlands of the Finnish Lapland, slumber under the mesmerising Arctic sky in the comfort of your own luxury glass igloo. 20 glass igloos nest on the shores of the Lake Ranuanjärvi equipped with private saunas to invigorate you after an excursion into the wild.

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Nestled on the shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi, the igloos, constructed with thermal glass panels, offer spectacular views across the lake from the comfort of your own bed. Designated as the best spot to watch the Aurora Borealis by Maxim, the heated glass stops the igloos from frosting over to give you uninterrupted access to the Aurora Borealis. 

Each igloo has a bathroom, sauna and kitchenette positioned in the wood walled area of the igloo to allow for privacy. Dinner is served at the Igloo restaurant where you have the option to try a fragrant reindeer curry if your tastebuds are feeling bold.

With its close proximity to the Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park, home to the only polar bears of Finland and Gulo Gulo village, there is a myriad of activities to dive into. To wrap up your day, unwind in your private sauna, ready to begin the day again.

Arctic Fox Igloos | Finnish Lapland

Our Finland team can't wait to help you plan your stay at Arctic Fox Igloos.