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Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

Finland | 66.63°North
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‘Winter wonderland’ is an overused phrase, but this extraordinary lakeside destination featuring a unique ice hotel and innovative glass igloos is like nowhere else on Earth. The heated roofs of the igloos give you a 360º view of forest and sky, while a night in the ice hotel is unforgettable.

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Northern Lights And Glass Igloos
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Even on the Arctic Circle the northern lights can never be guaranteed, but the luxury glass igloos found at this enchanting Lapland resort are the perfect place to experience them. As well as keeping you cosy, electrically heated glass gives a clear sight of the night skies and all beds are motorised for your viewing comfort. Don’t worry about sleeping through the show; just switch on the Aurora alarm service and you won’t miss a thing.

The intricately sculpted SnowHotel is designed and created anew each winter. Each room is decorated with ice art, and guests sleep warmly wrapped in reindeer fur and sleeping bags on transparent frozen beds. Delicious three course dinners can be enjoyed in the dream-like Ice Restaurant, while in the Ice Bar drinks are not served with ice, they are served in ice.

There are magical experiences outside too. We can arrange many favourite Lapland pastimes like snowshoe hiking, snowmobile safaris, ice sculpting and ice fishing.

Entrance to the ice hotel at Snowhotel in Finnish Lapland

Spend a night in the Arctic SnowHotel

For those wanting to experience staying in a glass igloo and an Icehotel, opt for a short break to the Arctic Snow Hotel. Located just 26km from Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland’s winter capital, the ice hotel here is newly built from snow and ice every winter. Each room is carved with a unique design and every ice bed is covered with fur throws and fleeced-lined sleeping bags. Engravings and carvings are etched expertly into the walls and illuminated by beautiful lighting to create a magical atmosphere.

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Arctic Snow Hotel | Rovaniemi | Finnish Lapland

Our Finland team can't wait to help you plan your stay at the Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos Village in Finnish Lapland