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Escape from the bustle of everyday life and head deep into the Finnish forest at Haltia Lake Lodge. A luxurious stay with a sustainable twist, Haltia Lake Lodge offers both lodge and glamping experiences with an aim to be totally carbon neutral by 2023. Nestled in the Nuuksio trees these impressively well-equipped lodges and tents allow the outside in, with unique excursions such as hiking, kayaking, and even watch-making on offer.

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With the intention of living the 'Good Life', Haltia Lake Lodge was created to restore spirits through positive sustainable impact and reconnecting to nature. You'll have your pick of activities, from relaxing sauna sessions to intrepid adventures into unknown parts of the Finnish wilds. Evenings can be spent relaxing and recharging in your cosy private abode as the Nothern Lights dance above.

The most important aspect of the Lodge's rooms is rest. Hidden amongst the trees in total privacy, take a digital detox where the only sound is the breeze flowing through the leaves and chirping birds in the distance. The 20 rooms and five glamping lodges are fitted with king-sized cosy beds and floor to ceiling windows. Wake in the morning to venture onto your private deck as the sun peaks through and dapples across the forest floor.

Choose from the plethora of experiences the lodge has to offer. Perhaps sink into the sauna and head to yoga by the lake, or glide through calming waters by canoe before hiking to view Finland's breathtaking vistas. In the evening, chose from the onsite Forest Lounge & Bar menu or venture into nearby Espoo where tasty local delicacies await.

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Haltia Lake Lodge | Espoo | Finland

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