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Nuorgam Holiday Village

Finland | 70.08°North
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Nuorgam Holiday Village sits on the shores of the great Tenojoki River in the far north of Finland, close to the border with Norway. Surrounded by the Arctic’s stunning fell highlands and the spectacular Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area, it’s the perfect destination for anyone who needs to be recharged or revitalised.

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Your hosts at Nuorgam Holiday Village are the wonderful Marjatta, her husband Raimo, and their three children. The village has been in Marjatta’s family for almost 50 years – this is their home and their heartland, one they love to share. The riverside setting is an idyllic spot at any time of year. You’ll revel in the pure clean air, sparkling water and endless skies.

Summer cottages and Marjetta’s recently renovated year-round apartments have been individually designed with their own private entrance and outside decking. Apartments come with or without sauna, and all are equipped with everything you could need for a cosy, comfortable stay.

The Holiday Village’s Restaurant Suvanto makes the most of the natural resources all around, with freshly caught salmon from the river, reindeer from local Sami herders and cloudberries and mushrooms foraged from the fell highlands making regular appearances on the menu.

Your stay at Nuorgam Holiday Village can be as restful or as energetic as you wish. Sit back and watch the river flow and the skies light up, or venture out trekking, cycling, river and ocean fishing, skiing or snowmobiling. With Marjetta and family as your expert guides, you’ll have the time of your life.

Nuorgam Holiday Village | Nuorgam | Finland

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