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One of Iceland’s most remarkable buildings and former pharmacy now houses the exquisite Apotek Hotel, a boutique accommodation whose aesthetic intersects comfort and classic design with finesse. Designed by the prolific architect Guðjón Samúelsson, mastermind behind the National Theatre and Hallgrímskirkja buildings, among others, took care to uphold a sense of artistic mastery still deeply instilled today.

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With 45 rooms, eight junior suites and one tower suite, Apotek Hotel is as large as it is impressive. Its priority—to preserve the importance of the building’s history without sacrificing the quality of the hospitality it provides—has been fully recognised and embraced by visitors and employees alike.

Its atmosphere is palpable: at once historic, sophisticated, and intellectual. Its rooms are fitted with ornate rugs and contemporary art, cool grey hues and comfortable, homey accents including a personal Bluetooth speaker in every abode. Its overall design is thoughtful and practical with beds tucked into cosy ‘nooks’ and bath products from Molton Brown.

Bartenders cheekily coined ‘pharmacists’ concoct mouth-watering elixirs in the on-site kitchen and bar, equipped with an Argentinian grill. Enjoy an eclectic menu of Icelandic and European cuisine before setting off into the city centre, located just steps beyond the lavish, spiral staircase that leads to the hotel’s main doors.

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Apotek Hotel | Reykjavik | Iceland

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