Tower suite at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik

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Hotel Borg

Iceland | 64.14°North
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Designed in 1928 by the famous adventurer Jóhannes Jósefsson, this historic luxury hotel gifts visitors a unique Art Deco experience coupled with dignified luxury. With the heart of Reykjavík just beyond the front doors, Hotel Borg covers all corners—99 elegantly appointed rooms, an immersive Italian culinary experience, and a marble-floored lobby are just a few of its wonders.

Exterior of Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik
Reception at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik
Deluxe room at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik
Lounge area at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik
Suprior room at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik
Breakfast counter at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik
Spa at Hotel Borg in Iceland Reykjavik

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There’s something for everyone at Hotel Borg, whose 99 rooms are steeped in the rich history its walls were founded in; old black and white photographs adorn each room’s walls, Nespresso coffee machines decorate a rich wooden table, and cleanly-fashioned upholstery evoke the essence of thoughtful relaxation. Its charms are timeless: sophistication, and an informed nod to a rich, storied history.

Jaime’s Italian Restaurant is in a league of its own, known for its unique oval ceiling mural and award-winning pizzas. The restaurant also offers guests full-service breakfasts daily in an impressive array of Iceland’s freshest ingredients.

Bask in Hotel Borg’s on-site spa, featuring a hot tub, steam bath, sauna, and a wide selection of luxury treatments; or get your blood pumping at the fitness room next door. Beyond the hotel’s walls, enjoy a lazy afternoon lounging beneath the midnight sun in Austurvöllur Square, located across the street from the Icelandic parliament.

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