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Icelandair Marina

Iceland | 64.15°North
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With an aesthetic as eclectic and varied as the Icelandic terrain, this harbourside hub of luxury exudes playfulness. Find company among the many sculpted artworks of full-figured men lounging casually throughout the lobby, or engage your inner cinephile by watching an Icelandic film at the in-house cinema. Rooms intersect contemporary Icelandic design with maritime culture, with wallpaper referencing old harbour photographs and a visual encyclopedia of fishing knots.


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In the heart of Reykjavík’s harbour, the Icelandair Marina prides itself on offering guests an experience that is at once unique, exuberant, and luxurious. With parts of the hotel located in a former residence of shipbuilder Daniel Thorsteinsson, the building’s entirety prevails as a tribute to the sea: rooms are well-appointed with old relics from the harbour, painted in hues of blue and green, and life rings are strung to dramatic, harbour-view balconies.

Icelandair Marina’s modern, quirky design parallels its award-winning gourmet dining area, where guests can enjoy a meal amid poppy flower wallpaper in a warm-lit dining room conjuring the sense of a cosy, family gathering. Engage your higher faculties in the adjacent social lounge featuring a storied bookshelf, L-shaped leather couches and rustic, wooden tables, or head upwards along the gym’s climbing wall.

Grab a nightcap at Slippbarinn, the red-themed fireside bar and lounge, while immersing into a soundscape of live local jazz. For the adventurous, 220 hidden messages are to be found throughout this distinctive hotel of exceptional comfort and style.

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