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This 150-year-old building that once stood as a private residence to the people of Stykkisholmur is now a thoughtful tribute to the art of hospitality. Rooms that pop with colour—sea green, turquoise blue—invite feelings of playfulness as the town’s small harbour churns, locals chat in the library downstairs, and the restaurant hums with jovial, delectable activity.

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Equipped with iPads and all-natural, sustainable COCO-MAT beds, rooms at Hotel Egilsen take comfort to a new level, blending unique aesthetic delights with unparalleled luxury. Outfitted in renewable resources including natural rubber, wood and horsehair, a stay in at Egilsen is akin to sinking into a comfortable retreat; a home away from home amid the eclectic spirit of this 150-year-old house.

Enjoy an afternoon cocktail in the rustic lounge, fitted with an extensive library of both English and Icelandic books, or simply wander down the hotel’s storied halls, which make up one of the few historic hotels in Iceland. Hotel Egilsen is steeped in history, storytelling and a playful, relentless ambiance.

The town of Stykkisholmur, just beyond the hotel’s walls, is a tiny gem of living history. Its well-preserved centre overlooks Breidafjordur Bay, a number of historical buildings, and of course the ever-shifting beauty of the distant Icelandic horizon.

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