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Iceland | 64.41°North
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In an ode to the natural environment and the spirited, carefree mentality of Iceland’s people, Hotel Glymur offers a village of villas endearingly named, among others, Elegance, Creativity, and Romance. A luxury hotel with a brightly-coloured accents and bold, decorative touches invite playfulness and a sense of youthful renewal.

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Surpassing the standard definition of a hotel, Glymur invites guests to make themselves at home in their series of villas equipped with sunny verandas, full kitchens, and private hot tubs. Let the relaxed environment of Hvalfjörður—a short drive from Reykjavík—ease you into a state of tranquillity with its spectacular views of a whale fjord, mountain range, and an in-house restaurant featuring carefully crafted gourmet meals.

With 22, double-story executive rooms, Hotel Glymur does not skimp on luxury. Italian leather furniture and kitschy art pieces decorate each abode, blending quirk with calm in an intoxicating presentation.

Enjoy the hotel bar, offering an enchanting and sophisticated pause, before heading off on one of Glymur’s organised tours to the nearby mountains and hiking ranges, or whale watch from the comfort of your own room as the midnight sun lounges, shining through large, brightly draped windows.

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Hotel Glymur | Saurbaer | Iceland

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