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Eagle's Crag

Scotland | 57.86°North
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Poised in the cradle of Glen Alladale, Eagle’s Crag stands in gentle contrast to the untamed landscape that surrounds it. Idyllic and remote, stylish interiors meet wild, scenic views in this modern three-bedroom lodge. Offering wonderful comfort, it is the perfect place to unwind at the end of a long day hiking the hills.

Eagle's Crag Double Room
Eagle's Crag Living Room
Eagle's Crag Bathroom
AWR Milligan 37
Eagle's Crag Kitchen
Eagle's Crag Dining Room
Eagle's Crag Double and Twin Room

"I’m merely a custodian of this place with a responsibility to leave it in a better state than when I acquired it so that future generations can derive some pleasure or solace from its natural beauty."

Paul Lister | Alladale Wilderness Reserve Owner

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Eagle's Crag | The Highlands | Scotland

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