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Radisson Blu Polar Hotel

Svalbard | 78.22°North
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Norway’s largest island is home a gem in the rough: Radisson Blu Polar Hotel. With a name that does justice to its ethereal charm, this hotel is prized for its spa-like atmosphere, sauna, relaxation rooms, and outdoor hot tubs that nestle like a dream into an Arctic landscape just 1,300 kilometres from the North Pole.

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Longyearbyen, one of the world’s northernmost permanent settlements, makes an unlikely home for this hotel at the top of the world, where dog sledding and snowmobile safaris are everyday activities, as are stunning views of glaciers and the summertime midnight sun.

128 rooms are decked in subdued palettes to emphasise the lunar-esque natural light—a constant companion to each room’s uniquely angled windows and sharply architectural decor. With a nod to modernist architecture, standard and superior rooms, along with decked out junior suites offer all amenities one might need, whether traveling for leisure or business.

Home to both a restaurant and gastropub, Radisson Blu Svalbard offers eclectic cuisine ranging from Asian fusion to traditional Nordic dishes. End your night with local beers before dipping into one of the hotel’s outdoor hot tubs, where stars gleam unfiltered by the light of urban life.

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Radisson Blu Polar Hotel | Longyearbyen | Svalbard

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