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Art Hotel Tornedalen

Sweden | 66.17°North
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Beautifully renovated and curated by their infectiously cheerful owner and art gallery director, Gunhild Stensmyr, these Swedish country houses (and Gunhild) warmly welcome those who step inside (and out) to share and indulge in an Arctic paradise. You’ll arrive as guests and leave as friends - that is of course, if you'll ever want to leave at all...

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Huset M Skidor
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Bordering Finland, perched on the bank of the Torne River is a small arctic village, home to 80 people, and the four fully renovated 20th century houses that make up Art Hotel Tornedalen. This passion-project-turned-luxury-hotel is at once elegant and artful, cultural and rejuvenating, offering both modern essentials and a rich history of art, craft, and family.

Art Hotel is a small-scale concept with far-ranging impact; being built on recycled homes from the 20th century gives each home a timeless feel without foregoing modern comforts and luxuries. Scandinavian design, crafts, and contemporary art adorns the walls of each property—each a wholly unique addition to the property at large with a character all its own. Beyond the walls, private yards beckon, bringing visitors into a new kind of escape that feels more like returning home than venturing away.

Enjoy flavor-packed homemade meals, which Art Hotel’s private chef prepares from scratch daily with local ingredients sourced directly from the surrounding forest and river, or convene with fellow Art Hotellers along the quiet Torne. Adventure-seekers can elevate their stay even further by spending a night at the property’s architect-designed Lookout Tower, which is perched among the forest and offers the exclusivity of glamping and a view not to be forgotten.

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