Aerial view of Kabin private island, Sweden
Paddling around Kabin private island, Sweden

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Sweden | 60.80°North
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Calling all free-spirited travellers in search of silence, the only way to reach Kabin is by boat. Nestled amongst pine, birch, and poplar trees on an isolated private island in West Sweden, this delightful country cottage stands alone and its owner invites guests to stay for 48 hours only. Sit back, sunbathe, swim and find a sense of calm in secret, in a place where we can guarantee you won't see another soul.

Exteriror view of Kabin during summer in Sweden
Double bed at Kabin in Sweden
Breakfast in the Kabin on a private island in Sweden
Fire pit outside at the Kabin in Sweden
Local Swedish cuisine at the Kabin
View of the kitchen next to the roaring fire in the Kabin in Sweden
View of the living room in the Kabin on a private island in Sweden

"My inspiration to start with cabin originated from a poem called hemlängtan, or homesick in English by the poet Dan Andersson. Just before he died he wrote this poem describing his longing for living the simple life in his cabin in the forest close to nature...spending 48 hours on KABIN will give you a glimpse of that."

Jeroen Sleurs | Kabin Owner


Kabin | Åmotsbruk | Sweden

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