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Pine Bay Lodge

Sweden | 65.74°North
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Cousins Göran Widén and Johan Björklund have been running both Pine Bay Lodge and Brandon Lodge for nearly 20 years. Nestled in the archipelago islands by the sea in the Gulf of Bothnia, the landscape here is truly breathtaking. Genuine, small-scale and family-run, both cousins and properties have a reputation for offering guests adventure and an intimate encounter with the Arctic lifestyle. 

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"Our clients are individual travellers who appreciate our welcoming, personal service. It’s in our blood to be social and enjoy meeting new people"

Göran Widén | Owner of Pine Bay Lodge

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Pine Bay Lodge | Swedish Lapland

We're wild about Pine Bay Lodge

"From hovercraft trips to special dining evenings in the Aurora Hideaway, Pine Bay Lodge is one of the only places we know to offer exciting experiences on the frozen pack ice"

Emma Durkin | Founder at Where The Wild Is

Our Sweden team can't wait to help you plan your stay at Pine Bay Lodge in Swedish Lapland