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Sapmi Nature Camp

Sweden | 67.12°North
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Welcome to glamping at its finest. Small-scale and personal, yet fully sustainable is the name of the game at this oasis deep within Sweden’s Laponia World Heritage area, just above the Arctic Circle. Traditional lavvu tents with double beds, stoves, and storied furnishings are complemented by personalised service and locally-sourced food.

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Owned and operated by Lennart Pittja, a Sami individual whose upbringing herding reindeer for the local community elevates the entire property with authenticity and charisma. With responsible tourism as one of the camp’s core values, Lennart greets every guest with care while offering timeless knowledge about Sami life.

A stay at the camp isn’t simply a getaway, it’s an experience; one that a traveller makes with the goal of gleaning insight into a different way of life, the richness of the Sami culture, and perhaps to spark a sense of wonder that urban living too often seems to dull.

Hosting up to only 10 guests at a time, the camp is worlds away from mass-tourism and has the feel of a private oasis among towering trees. Enjoy a private wood-burning stove that heats each room at night no matter the temperature outside, solar panels, candles, and kerosene lanterns; or enjoy a sauna if you need to reconnect with the modern world for a moment before slipping back.

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Sapmi Nature Camp | Gallivare | Swedish Lapland

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