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Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands Complete Self Drive

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    Holiday Duration

    11 nights

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    Best time to go

    May to August

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    Price From

    £1885 per person

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    Wild Rating

    4 out of 5

Holiday Idea

A rugged and windswept wilderness comprised of emerald-turfed houses, dramatic coastlines and charming gingerbread villages awaits travellers to the Faroe Islands. If you are looking for the ultimate tour of this Viking archipelago, then this self-drive adventure is the perfect way for you to discover all corners of the islands' unique and epic landscapes at your own pace.


Winding road in the Faroe Islands
Waterfall in the faroe islands

Day 1 | Arrive in the Faroe Islands

Arrive in the Faroe Islands for your first day of exploring with a trip to the tradition village of Bour and the incredible must-see Mulafossur Waterfall.

Lighthouse on the faroe islands on a cliff

Day 2 | Mykines Hiking

Today you'll visit Mykines, on the west of the Faroe Islands. With an experienced guide, head out on the fantastic hike to take in the unspoiled surroundings and breathtaking scenery. Start in the village, with its turf-roofed houses and head towards the lighthouse to enjoy spectacular views of the dramatic coastline.

The Vestmanna bird cliffs in the faroe islands

Day 3 | Bird Cliffs

Explore the Vestmanna bird cliffs where jagged peaks rise out of the sea up to 2,000 feet into the sky. Discover the Viking settlements which mark the islands' history and sail out to the enormous sea rocks The Giant and The Hag before heading back to your hotel for a relaxing evening.

Shoreline of a village in the faroe islands

Day 4 | Gjogv, Tjornuvik & Saksun

After breakfast, head out to visit the beautiful village of Gjogv the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy. Perhaps stop for lunch before driving to Tjornuvík, a village where the black sand beach offers a popular surfing spot. Enjoy access to the public hiking trail to Saksun with its turf-roof houses.

The harboursode village of Funningur in the Faroe Islands

Day 5 | Rocking Stones & Klaksvik

Travel to the northeastern edge of the island of Eysturoy, to the isloated village of Oyndarfjorður. Discover the mysterious rocking stones near the inlet where the locals keep their boats. Later, explore the Faroe Isand's second largest town of Klaksvik, nestled at the foot of two lofty mountain ridges.

Lots of puffins flying around on the bird cliffs in the Faroe Islands

Day 6 | Kunoy & Kalsoy

Today you'll discover the remote, secluded island of Kunoy, "woman" island. Drive through the undersea tunnel and bridges to reach the island before heading towards the village of Kunoy, through the narrow moutain tunnel route. Later, visit Kalsoy island, where the new James Bond film No Time To Die has recently been filmed. Hike to the lighthouse at Kallur, enjoy the rich bird life including puffins, storm petrels and black guillemots and see the statue of the seal woman, a figure from Faroe Islands folktales.

A town in the Faroe Islands with the sunsetting

Day 7 | Suduroy

Sail from Torshavn for two hours to the rugged and unspoiled wilderness of Suduroy. Here, ferocious Atlantic weather is not uncommon, with the island's steep western cliff faces often exposed to raging winds and storms. Enjoy spectacular coastal views and charming seaside villages along the eastern route, and enjoy sightseeing and birdwatching in Akraberg, the southernmost point of the islands.

A lake surrounded by mountains in the faroe islands

Day 8 | Hiking to Hvannhagi

Discover one of the most beautiful and unique natural areas on Suduroy by hiking trail. Enjoy the spectacular geological formations including giant avalanches and rock slides. Follow the trail to the beautiful, circular lake enclosed by the steep mountain peaks. 

A beach on Sandoy Island in the Faroe Islands

Day 9 | Sandoy Island

Explore the compact island of Sandoy today. Take the ferry from Streymoy Island to wander around picturesque  gingerbread villages, glistening lakes and black basalt sand dune beaches. Visit the traditional Bygdarsavn Homestead Museum, and charming wooden church.  

The capital of Torshavn on the island of Streymoy in the Faroe Islands

Day 10 | Torshavn & Kirkjubour

Explore the Faroe Island's capital of Torshavn on Streymoy Island. Stroll through the quaint streets of the old town to enjoy the charming local boutiques and emerald-turfed houses. The city offers a rich cultural scene; perhaps visit an art exhibition or try some authentic cuisine at a variety of restaurants and cafes. Later, head south to the historical village of Kirkjubour, the site of the ruins of Magnus Cathedral.

A boat tour in the Faroe Islands

Day 11 | Nolsoy

Take a twenty minute ferry to the island of Nolsoy, with ts distinct mountain peak, Eggjarklettur. Visit the Faroes’s famous taxidermist and hike through unspoilt natural landscapes to the stunningly located lighthouse on the island’s southern tip.

Cliff and the sea with people kayaking in the faroe islands

Day 12 | Departure Day

Bid farewell to the Faroe Islands and transfer to the airport to drop off your rental car and for your departure flight. 

What's included

  • Return economy flights from the UK to Vagar
  • Car hire for twelve days. Pick up and drop off at Vagar airport
  • Eleven nights at hotels and guesthouses around the islands including breakfast

The price of this suggestion is based on two people sharing a double or a twin room throughout.

The single supplement for this tour is £675 taking the total price to £2560

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