Reindeer Feeding Photo Piaa Kempinen
Orca With Birds In Skjervøy, Norway
Sunny winter in Tromsø, Northern Norway
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Tromsø Holidays

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The pinnacle of an expansive polar playground, Tromsø is Norway's Arctic gateway. Perched on the edge of Tromsøya, 400km north of the Arctic circle, snow-capped mountains and icy fjords cocoon this bright city. World-class restaurants, historic hideaways and a thriving cultural scene create a vibrant core from which adventures spill out into the surrounding frozen fjords, icy tundras and beyond.

Tromsø Holiday Ideas

Encircled by mighty mountain peaks, nature blends into this energetic metropolis. Get in touch to book your break to Tromsø today. Below you'll find a selection of holiday ideas for inspiration.

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Tromso calls to those eager to combine the excitement of city life with the power of nature. Where the midnight sun rises high above the bridge connecting its two islands and the northern lights govern the winter skies, it's not hard to see why so many travel to this diverse cityscape.

A complex history is woven into the fabric of the city, where Arctic hunting traditions and expeditions took place, as well as being home to the Sami people, indigenous to northern Norway. A trip aboard Fjellheisen or climbing the Sherpa staircase allows visitors to absorb Tromso's sprawling beauty, whilst a combination of old and modern architecture makes for an intriguing city walk.

Beyond its cosy harbours and still shorelines, a bounty of adventure awaits. From trips aboard the world's first silent, emissions-free catamaran on journeys to discover humpbacks and orcas in their natural habitat, to dog sledding and reindeer experiences, the city is the ideal base for explorations into the mystical natural world of the far north.

Highlights of Tromsø

Aurora Safari Base Station Photo Enrico Tromso Safari

Northern Lights in Tromsø

Located in the heart of the northern lights oval, Tromsø is at the core of the vibrant ribbons that encircle the city. An unpredictable and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, choose to hunt for the elusive lights on dinner cruises in style, or take to the Arctic roads by car on excursions into the night. Head out into the surrounding wilderness to combine whale watching or dog sledding with northern lights hunting.

Orcas by Ismaele Tortella / Visit Norway

Orcas by Ismaele Tortella / Visit Norway

Orcas In Skjervøy, Northern Norway

Orcas & Humpback Whales

Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see orcas and humpback whales in their natural environment. We are proud to work with Brim Explorer. Using a hybrid engine, this sleek, environmentally efficient vessel zips along the Norwegian coastline searching for the giants of the sea between November and January, switching to fully electric power once the whales are in sight. The silent motor attracts more whales to the ship and hydrophones are used to live broadcast the sounds they make.

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"We don’t want to market ourselves as sustainable; we just want to show that we are"

Agnes Árnadóttir | Brim Explorer
The Cable Car in Tromso, Northern Norway

Tromsø Cable Car

Running from Tromsdalen to the mountain ledge of Storsteinen, Tromsø Cable Car or Fjellheisen, has been providing panoramic views of the gateway to the Arctic since 1961. The two cars, aptly named Polar Bear and Seal, lead explorers to some of the best sights of the city. On the one side the mighty mountain of Tromsdalstinden can be seen puncturing the skyline, on the other, mirror-like fjords reflect colourful buildings that make Tromsø such a vibrant city.

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Exploring the Arctic Fjords

Locals have lived in harmony with Tromsø's expansive fjords for centuries. Relying on its ebbs and flows, the fjords are filled with history. Embarking on an Arctic fjords exploration offers the chance to glide away from the bustling city and into the quiet calm of the deep blue. Spot an abundance of marine life, from whales and seals to nesting birds, whilst learning about Tromsø's long-standing connection to Arctic expeditions and the fishing industry.

Experience Arctic Silence in fjord Norway

Wonderful Places to Stay in Tromsø

Tromsø In Pictures

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Tromsø Northern Lights Fredrik Ahlsen Visitnorway.Com
Dog Sledding near Tromso, Norway
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Reindeer Feeding Photo Piaa Kempinen

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