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A fairy-tale realm for flora, fauna and folklore, Finland’s 22 billion trees make it one of the most densely forested places on Earth. Breathe green air on hikes, forage from nature’s bountiful larder and sled, ski or snowshoe through a frozen wonderland where only the whispers of swaying boughs can be heard.

Firm believers in ‘jokamiehenoikeus’ – a freedom to roam – Finns treat the outdoors like their own front room. Multiple walking trails wind around silver-streaked tree trunks veiled by lichen, leading to swimmable, pristine lakes and secluded hides set up for the viewing of wolverines and brown bears.

Here, the seasons are crisply distinct. In autumn – or ‘ruska’ – treetops blaze russet and auburn, mosses smoulder like embers, and dining tables are piled high with mushrooms and berries. And as dark nights take their grip, landscapes glow brilliant white, while reliably cloud-free skies dance with swirls of northern lights.

Even in easy-going capital city Helsinki, art and design is shaped by the wilderness and a thriving sauna culture provides an opportunity to connect with people and place. Inhale the scent of burning wood, relax muscles in soothing heat and share in storytelling sessions as never-ending as those stretches of pine, beech and fir.


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